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Work bench, reclaimed wood. About 58 x 21 x 37 tall. Ingredients: Top: 2 x 6 Red Pine ,framing from a c. 1880 carriage house in Meriden. Frame and back panel: Maple rope bed late 1800’s , found in a garage. Framing elements, reclaimed¬† ,reclaimed white oak flooring, from a house in Greenwich. Shelf and other framing elements: pine flooring from a c. 1790 house in Madison ,likely installed in 1920’s. ” Tool holder”, mahogany book holder from a pew from a¬† c. 1830 church in New Haven. The idea with this bench is to use reclaimed wood, make a bench that is strong ( maple frame !) and functional and that looks old. Using old materials provides age, and my carpentry skills provides the primitive . Have been successfully using this work bench over the last 6 months, but a bench more suitable to the shop space has com in , so its time to discount this and move it to some other workshop space. Pickup in Hamden.