Formed out of a commitment to environmental and social sustainability, Urban Miners LLC has been a regional leader for nearly fifteen years in deconstruction, building materials/household goods, salvage and sales, reuse education, consultation and project management. Urban Miners focuses on bringing wholesale and retail sales to customers directly from deconstruction and salvage sites as well as through online and local marketplaces with pickup and delivery available by appointment locally.

Founder Joe DeRisi holds a Master’s degree in Resource Management and Administration from Antioch New England Graduate School as well as a Certificate in Deconstruction from the YesterMorrow Design/Build School. Prior to establishing Urban Miners, Joe worked as an environmental analyst and building contractor.

Urban Miners partners with area architects, builders, regional retail owners and businesses who are also committed to reducing waste stream volume. We support artists, craftsmen and local homeowners with materials for do-it-yourself projects. Urban Miners is a point of sale for eco-friendly products and your custom orders.