Our current projects include:

St. James / St. Paul’s

The church is reconfiguring the main sanctuary so that it is more flexible for community activities. Urbanminers role in this project is to provide guidance on the recovery of materials generated and to sell those materials that will not be reused on site.

Original pews were all deconstructed and a new floor installed. Some of the materials from the original pews were used to create 16 pews of a desired length, on castors, to allow for multiuse of the space. The remaining materials are being sold to help support project costs. The goal is that the materials are reused in projects that benefit the local community, and that the history of the materials is carried into their repurposed application.

Original church bench configuration limited uses for the main sanctuary.

Beside the 16 “new” pews, now in the revitalized sanctuary community space, parts of some of the other pews were used to make the center island pictured. Still available are rear panels, seats and pew ends, along with some complete pews.

All the materials from the original benches were saved. After rebuilding 16 pews to the desired size, the remaining materials are being sold and the proceeds supporting the project.
Sixteen pews on castors were created from the original pew material. A new floor was installed over the original floor. The main sanctuary is now suitable for a range of community uses.

We will continue to post the materials available as well as ongoing projects that are utilizing these materials.

Barn Frames

We are selling two barn frames as part of a larger project that will include the sale of a much larger inventory from the collection of the late Connecticut Architectural Historian, Jeffrey L. Bradley. The barn frames are complete, documented kits ready to be rebuilt. Hand crafted scale models are available ,as well as plans, in order to facilitate the rebuilding of the barn structures.

A full informational package with all of the details of the barn is available .Please e-mail us or call for more details.

barn frames are inventoried, fully intact and labeled for reassembly. Stored indoors since deconstruction.

Beach House, 1920

Update: We are saving materials from this house ! So far we have removed flooring, sub flooring , trim ,doors and bead board walls. Next ,the owner will provide a crew to remove items they will reuse including some doors and cabinets. Then everything else we can remove and cannot use directly will be donated to a non profit building materials organization or stored for later use. Removing front entranceway for owner to reuse in the new house: https://youtu.be/RMD3ofg3jR4