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A coffee table or bench made from all reclaimed materials.  19 1/2′ tall. 19 x 40 1/2″ at top. I decided to add a shelf underneath for your magazines, shoes, junk you spuriously purchased from Urbanminers shopping cart, last years political lawn signs, etc. Intentionally kept primitive and simple. All screwed together, so you can easily take apart and repurpose the materials at some later date. Reclaimed oak flooring that was made from reclaimed oak from an unknown source, salvaged from a house in Greenwich( despite the fact that it had been glued down). Base includes the backs of the chairs left over from benches we are making , salvaged from a new haven church. The top is c. 1875 pine flooring from a house in Greenwich. The oak flooring used for the base is what was on top of the original pine. Pickup is in Hamden. Sale price $ 125.00. We can make more of these similar or not similar, to your liking. As the materials last.