Urbanminers has been assisting St. Paul/St. James Church with their renovation project. The overall project is to convert the main sanctuary from having permanent pews ,to an open flexible space that will accommodate community events. The firs phase included removing all of the stationary pews in the first floor sanctuary. The second phase was adding a new oak floor over the original pine floor. The third phase incudes using the materials from the old pews to make 16 new pews on castors. Meanwhile the remaining materials from the original pews is to be sold. In fact some of those materials have been reused to build a center island for one of Urbanminers customers, built and installed by RestorationWoodworks. Urbanminers role has been to assist with the pew deconstruction ( with Sage Studios), advise on contractors for new floor installation ( Thompson Flooring), advice on rebuilding the pews ( Restorationwoodworks), and directly marketing and or reusing internally other materials, including pews, chairs , furniture etc. Large amounts of pine, oak and chestnut , from the pews ( estimated 1870), as well as complete pews ( estimated 1830-1840) are still available.

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